Sweet Potatoes With an Indian Twist

A Thanksgiving dish with an Indian twist; something just a bit unexpected. Invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends, I was asked to bring a sweet potato dish. Instead of the traditional route, I decided to make them with an Indian twist; an element of surprise. They were definitely a hit. The serving dish emptied quickly and I was asked for the recipe from several people. So, here is the extremely simple recipe for you to enjoy this Holiday Season.

Start with white sweet potatoes (usually one potato for every two people).
Wash and poke a knife or a fork through each of them, to allow steam out.
Wrap potatoes in aluminum foil, two or three potatoes in each airtight wrapping.
Bake until cooked throughout, generally about one hour at 375F degrees, but
cooking time can vary depending upon size.
Use a knife to poke each potato to make sure they are done cooking.
Remove cooked sweet potatoes from oven, unwrap from foil and allow them to cool.
Peel, then slice the cooled potato into one-quarter inch thick flat rounds.
Add fresh lime juice (approximately one lime per pound, nothing exact, and lemon works fine as a substitute)

A street food vendor in Delhi roasting sweet potatoes

Add following spices to taste:

  • Red chilli powder
  • MDH Chunky Chat Masala (see note below)
  • Salt
  • Finely-chopped cilantro

Note: MDH Chunky Chat Masala is a mix of spices with a slightly tangy flavor. Most Indian markets stock this product. However, you can purchase online through Amazon. Here is a direct link to the Amazon product page for ordering. I recommend you apply two teaspoons of chaat masala per pound of potatoes.

Now, mix everything lightly, then arrange for serving in a shallow bowl or atop a large platter. Serve at room temperature. You have just prepared shakkarkandi (शक्करकनदी), an Indian snack served by roadside vendors. Enjoy this treat you were previously unlikely to find outside India!

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