Luxury-for-less in Jodhpur

Having a horrible hotel experience can leave you with a vacation you wish you could forget; though an excellent hotel stay leaves one with lasting memories of time well spent.  Finding the right place to stay: a clean, comfortable room within your budget, can be challenging.  When you are traveling internationally, that challenge can be even greater.

Hotel room at Ratan Vilas in Jodhpur

As tourism and business travel to India increases, so do options.  However, it can still be tough to find decent rooms somewhere between guest houses and five-star hotels.  A recent trip across Rajasthan proved that some real gems exist, and Ratan Vilas in Jodhpur is one such gem.

Ties to India

Traveler purchases vary from person to person. Some people form entire collections of souvenirs, ball caps or golf balls as an example. Some people mail postcards out to friends and family. Others pick up an ashtray for that one uncle that smokes or a business card holder for that insurance agent who was so helpful. Aside from souvenirs, some travelers come across something special to purchase, possibly even something to enjoy over and over again. And, some purchases are unique and striking: conversation openers.