Ties to India

Traveler purchases vary from person to person. Some people form entire collections of souvenirs, ball caps or golf balls as an example. Some people mail postcards out to friends and family. Others pick up an ashtray for that one uncle that smokes or a business card holder for that insurance agent who was so helpful. Aside from souvenirs, some travelers come across something special to purchase, possibly even something to enjoy over and over again. And, some purchases are unique and striking: conversation openers.

I am from India, though I have lived outside the country for nearly twenty years. Over the years, I have traveled back to India regularly. The pleasure finding something unique while shopping has always been enhanced by the comments I have received from others. "Where did you find that lovely purse?" or "What an amazing pair of shoes! I've not seen that design anywhere," are comments I have grown accustomed to hearing. My eclectic flair is accented with throw pillows and art on the wall; items not easy to find outside India, if even available at all.

My husband and I share a passion for finding items not usually discoverable by tourists nor casual shoppers. Our personal styles are both defined greatly by accessories we have collected from traveling across India. If you were to look through his personal effects, you might even think he was pura Hindustani, as he considers himself. This gora has amassed a cache of personal treasures, filled with art, jewelry, statues and even a couple of ties.

Sean wearing his Ganesha tie

Spotted in a small boutique in Goa, these two hand-painted ties are just a couple items which have raised comments and questions from everyone who has seen them. Whether in India or in the US, these ties have become conversation pieces. These ties, more than anything else, have allowed him to recount memories from India, and present wonderful stories to others.

Offering a toast while wearing his "woman in a sari" tie

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