Luxury-for-less in Jodhpur

Having a horrible hotel experience can leave you with a vacation you wish you could forget; though an excellent hotel stay leaves one with lasting memories of time well spent.  Finding the right place to stay: a clean, comfortable room within your budget, can be challenging.  When you are traveling internationally, that challenge can be even greater.

Hotel room at Ratan Vilas in Jodhpur

As tourism and business travel to India increases, so do options.  However, it can still be tough to find decent rooms somewhere between guest houses and five-star hotels.  A recent trip across Rajasthan proved that some real gems exist, and Ratan Vilas in Jodhpur is one such gem.

Without sticking to tourist spots and tour guides, you can still travel well within India. Unless extreme luxury travel is what you are seeking, you might find a home stay or heritage property which provides a great room, delicious meals and warm atmosphere.

My husband and I recently traveled across the Thar Desert in Rajasthan.  Our first night was spent in the elegant Taj Hotel, though our favorite stay was less than one-fifth the price.  Most nights were spent in wonderful places, all priced under seventy-five dollars.  Rajasthan is known for its bright colors contrasted against the desert.  It should also be known for its wonderful home stays in contrast to 5-star hotels of the big cities.  Give the Blue City a visit, staying at the wonderful Ratan Vilas.  Tell the owner's dog, Mallot, hello for us.

Mallot, "guard dog" of Ratan Vilas

Sean enjoying an ice-cold Kingfisher in Jodhpur

Table-side fire pit at dinner in Jodhpur

Ratan Vilas courtyard

Click here for more information on our stay in Jodhpur.  And here for photos from our visit to the Blue City.

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  1. Wow Anjali, Thank you so much for this gem. Did not know that it was possible to stay in Jodhpur, in that style for that price. Thank you!